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Word from the Parish Priest(s)


The Gospel is more alive and much needed today than ever before. With the growing urgency and need to advance this noble work, we the Missioneries of Guadalupe Fathers with much support & valuable contribution from the Guadalupe Parish Pastoral Team, Ministries and the entire Christian Community have been laboring tirelessly to ensure the Gospel is preached to the entire world, before the end of time. We therefore welcome the development and use of this Website for the same purpose. May it serve the purpose for which it is commissioned beyond our expectation. And I personally invite you all to make use of it.   Fr.Juan Jose Cortes Casillas, MG, Guadalupe Parish Priest.


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About Us

Guadalupe Brief History

In 1969 the Guadalupe Missionaries and International Missionary Institute (founded by the Catholic Bishops of Mexico in the year 1949), officially begun their pastoral activities at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Nairobi.

His Eminence, the Late Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga invited the Guadalupe Missionaries to start this noble evangelization course in dedication to the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe; and he himself offered a piece of land to construct our current church at  Adams Arcade area of Nairobi.

On 29th September 1973, Cardinal Maurice Otunga blessed and laid
the foundation stone of the current Church building. Since then, the Parish has grown into a large Christian community in terms of number of Christians, apostolate and facilities. The Parish is popular and serves a diverse and challenging Catholic and community members who come from as far as Kibera, Jamhuri, Westlands, Dagoretti and Karen.


Since the beginning to date, different Guadalupe Missionaries have served in the Parish. During these 40 years each one of them have contributed uniquely towards the formation of the Christian community into what it is today. We congratulate each one of them for nurturing the charism of their congregation.


And for that we want to tell them wherever they are (some are already in the Kingdom of Heaven) that we always pray for them. As well as we pray for the current Parish Priest, Fr Juan Jose Cortes Casillas, MG; and his assistances Fr Victor Pinon Salinas, MG; and Fr Jose Bejarano Martinez, MG.


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In Dec of 1531, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the Native, Juan Diego in the little hill at Tepeyacac, modern day Mexico City. She brought a message of hope, a message of Love and of Compassion to the natives of Mexico, and a promise to all of mankind; a cleansing and a comforting of all afflictions of mankind. We the Guadalupe Fathers are honored to particularly identify with Our Lady of Guadalupe, and it is a privilege to proclaim her message and promise to the whole of mankind. That is our calling, here at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish - woodley, and beyond. We embrace all opportunities she brings our way to proclaim these good tidings to all peoples of the world, including this media.


Fr. Victor Pinon Salinas, MG Assistant Parish Priest


As Missionaries of Guadalupe, and servants of the Most High, living and working in today's world, we are constantly challenged to find better and more convinient ways to evangelize, preach the Gospel and reach more souls. The Catholic Church, and more so in the person of the Holy Father; Pope Benedict XVI, has constantly been challenged to utilize all available opportunities, especially those presented by modern technology to preach the Gospel. This website therefore comes to you, today, as good thing at that. Through it we hope to share with you the wonderful Gospel of the Lord, and help you grow spiritually, socially and in all areas in the goodness of the Lord. Let us therfore welcome it and embrace it.


Fr. Jose Bejarano Martinez - MG, Assistant Priest.